Hi, I am Kai

Full stack developer and a bit of everything else. Currently at Quora.


  1. Async test setup and teardown in Rust

    How to add setup and teardown functions to async tests in Rust without a framework or library.

  2. What we are missing on clean code

    A discussion on code readability, why most software engineers' take on it is misguided, and what we should be focusing on instead.

  3. Building a stunning table of contents that follows headings

    How to build a table of contents that has a better user experience, using SVG paths and masks.


  • Screenshot of Givingchy


    A Kickstarter clone.

    • Vue
    • Go
    • PostgreSQL
    • Docker
  • Screenshot of NUSMods


    The largest NUS open-source project that helps students plan their modules and timetables.

    • React
    • Flow
    • Node
    • GraphQL
  • Screenshot of Elm-HN


    Hackernews clone in Elm.

    • Elm
  • Screenshot of Code@NUS


    Explorer for NUS open source projects and contributors.

    • Preact
    • Node
  • Screenshot of Jasmine


    iOS app that gamifies learning Mandarin.

    • iOS
    • Swift